Sunday, December 11, 2011

Piquing My Pinterest ~ The to-do list edition

Its sunday which means its time for

Tina Gray {dot} Me
This week I'm sharing pins off my

I love this idea of using a shadow box to preseerve some of the boys special things from when they were just tiny babies
I've priced the shadow boxes at IKEA just need to get them and then pick what I want displayed

Pillow cases sewen together and then just insert pillows
I have everything I need I really just have to pull the sewing machine out and do it

A simple fun clock from
This is something I need to do for Master J to help him know when lunch and dinner etc is and when his dad will come over

An old pair of jeans and material insert
I had one of these a few years ago that was made for me by a friend and I have wanted another for so long
I have the jeans and the material, I'll add this to the sewing pile for when I finally pull the machine out ;)

Cute button magnets
A simple easy craft and who dosen't love buttons or need more magnets!

Changeable photo frame!
Spray paint a photo frame and clip add scrapbooking paper, hot glue clip and add photo
easy to change whenever you want to change the photo
Fun and can be made to match any decor if you can find scrapbooking paper to match

Now all I need to do is find the time and motivation and make this list a reality
lucky for me I have the
held by Blossom heart and Mummy to Five
To get me more motivated

What have you been pinning lately?
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