Saturday, November 26, 2011

Mummys Christmas Wish List

Dear Santa,
Jodie over at Muddled Up Mumma tagged in me in a Christmas Wish list post
Isn't she awesome?!
So here is my list...

I think this one is pretty self explanatory yes?

a new car would be amazing too
I think a black Chrysler 300c with big, shiny, blingy wheels would do just fine ;)

And seeing as I've lost weight a new wardrobe would be muchily appreciated so I actually have some more clothes that fit

A pedicure.. nice and simple

and lastly some more sleep would go down a treat!

I think if you double check your naughty and nice list Santa you'll find me on the nice one...
Just saying

Sincerely, Tara

and now
Miss Amba ~ Team Mummy
Miss Shar ~ Mum on the Run
You girls need FB fan pages ;) hehe
Miss Dorothy ~ Singular Insanity

Its your turn to write your letter to Santa and tell him what you would like for Christmas

What's on your Christmas Wish List this year?