Sunday, August 28, 2011

Why I disappeared with no warning...

For those of you who may have noticed my absense
Never fear I am still here ;)

I have had a few issues going on that I have had to deal with and in all honesty my motivation for most things went out the window.
But now we are finding our groove again.

I wanted to blog a little about what has happened mainly to help me wrap my head around it a little more and open up the lines of communication for tips and advice.

The biggest reason as to why I havnt been around is because I have recently become a single mother.
My ex partner & I spilt after 8 years
Its been an up & down kind of 8 years but this time it all feels differnt.
I am truly fine about it all
Its been a long time coming and I think i'm handling it well
I have to really for the boys sake.
I think it helps that Mr S and I are getting along relatively well and keeping it amicable
which i am soooo grateful for!

So the past few weeks I have been trying to slip into the full time single mum of 2 role
which has been quite difficult but at the same time a breath of fresh air
But didn't leave much time as I worked out where to from here.
the answer was obviously Onwards and Upwards

I have a new found patience and my house is actually staying clean lol
Its given me the opportunity to get things done that i had been putting off as i try and keep myself busy

Im also trying new things
The boys and I are eating at the table more, Im decluttering like crazy!
and the biggest thing?
Im going back to work
Which now that I really dont have a choice, I'm excitied about.
Ive been cooking up huge meals and freezing them, budgeting more then ever and organising ahead as much as I can.

It is still very early days and Master J is taking it quite badly
which is my biggest priority at the momment
But I am feeling good and things are starting to fall back into place

Im looking forward to my new journey and even finding me, Tara again
I love being a mummy but somewhere along the way I got lost
its time to find me again
So i can shine and be he best mummy I could possibly be.

So consider me back... again!

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