Sunday, August 7, 2011


When a baby is born there is always the talk of what the grandparents and significant members of the family will be called, by the child once old enough to talk.

In our family we have the normal nana and grandma, poppa and grandpa
There is 3 beautiful Auntys, 3 Uncles and lots of Cousins.

So they are norm right? Most families have those family members.

However we have alot of other family that are all very close to our boys.
Such as our aunts and uncles, our nanas and grandpas and our cousins.

We didnt really think too much about wether our boys needed to call them by anything other then their name or nickname.
For me it was a given that they would have the same respect for our extended family as they do for the rest of the family.

So our boys call our Auntys, Aunty too, they call my nana - nanny and so forth

When it comes to our cousins we just go with whatever comes out at the time
nicknames, full names whatever is said
But I think in the long run I would love for them to be called Aunty or Uncle ... too.

In my family its a sign of respect and authority.

My step 2nd cousins call me aunty thats how its been since they could talk
I love it, it makes me feel resepcted and very much part of their family.

I want the same for our cousins and extended family.
I want our boys to know they are important people in our lives and that we love, respect and hold them in high regard.
I think it also helps build a better relationship with other family members
It helps them to know they are surrounded by people they can trust and talk to if they need to.

Respect to older family members is huge to me so its a quality I feel my children need to have too
Its a stepping stone of life and in turn
will hopefully help teach respect for themselves and others

Do you have family members or friends that your children call Aunty or Uncle etc?
How else do you help instill respect into your children?

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