Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Meal Planning Tuesday

Hello Tuesday!
The kitchen is in full swing again this week with a few new recipes
Last weeks Sang Choy Bow was amazing!
Its now apart of our family favourite list
The recipe is at the bottom of the meal plan

If you want more inspiration & meal ideas head on over to The Organised Housewife

This weeks Menu...

Wednesday - Hot Chicken Rolls
Thursday -  Warm Chicken Salad

Friday - Bolognese pasta Pie *new
Saturday - Homemade pizza
Sunday - Roast Beef in the slow cooker and roast vegies
Monday - Enchiladas
Tuesday - Cannelloni (spinach & ricotta & bolognese) *new

Recipe Book - Sang Choy Bau

I modified this recipe slightly to make it quick, easy and more filling.
You can use fresh chilli and garlic and the rice can be served one the side with a lime wedge

500gms beef Mince
1 beef stock cube
2tsps of red Chilli (I used jar stuff)
1tsp of Garlic (jar stuff also)
1 small carrott diced small
Half a zucchini diced small
1/4 red capsicum diced small
1/2 stalk of celery diced small
4tbls of soy sauce
1 packet of 90 second rice
Iceberg Lettuce

* Brown mince and add crumbled up stock cube 
add chopped up vegies
Cook until the vegies start to go soft.

*Remove from pan into a bowl

*Using some of the fat left over from the mince mix
if need be you can add a little bit of oil
sautee 2 tsps of red chilli and 1 tsp of garlic until aromatic.

* Add mince mix back to pan and mix though thoroughly

* Add 4tbs of soy sauce and mix well
Remove from heat

* Heat 90 sec rice following directions
and once heated add to mince mix and combine

*Pull off as many lettuce cups as needed
and place on plate

*Fill cups up with mince and rice mixture

So quick and so easy and So yummy


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