Tuesday, August 2, 2011

My Diamonds - Week 2

This weeks Diamonds were a little harder to find as Lil C is cutting his bottom teeth they are so close!
And i stupidly dislocated my thumb which in turn sprained it
So mumma was feeling very unhelpful for a few days there
But I've dug deep and polished them up ready to remember them.

* In hurting my thumb i was able to take a step back
I couldnt worry about the housework because I couldnt completely do it
So many a day i let Tornado J wipe out the lounge while I sat and played with him and Lil C
It was bliss

* Another positive in Injuring my thumb
I discoverd who really cares about me and my boys.
We are not surprised but still very hurt
2 out of 3 of my closest, most beautiful friends
(number 3 was at uni, shes such a good girl ;)
Dropped their plans to come look after all our kids while The other took me to the doctor
I really cant show my appreciation enough
I finally know what it feels like to be on the receiving end of what I do for everyone.
And the concern continues from so many
I am a very lucky mumma

* The Sun shone again this week
We had some rain but when that sun broke through the air warmed up and it was theraputic to get out with the boys again.

* Spring is a stones throw away :)
the weather we've been having is getting me excitied!

* Lil Cs 1st birthday plans are coming along nicely
Im keeping it simple so I dont start to stress

* Master J has been very clingy but in a good way
he keeps asking for mum, i keep getting random cuddles and kisses
Hes giggling alot more
He just seems so happy & Loving

* Mr S may finally be getting all his sundays back
As it stands he only gets 1 sunday off a fortnight which is tough on all of us
The weeks seem very long on that week
But with any luck they are phasing out his need to be there
Very happy & fingers are crossed :)

* Lil C has started walking along furniture
It wont be long and he'll be off
I know Master J will love being able to play with his little Brother that little bit more

* I'm still enjoying my semi blogging break and have been setting myself some new goals
I'm still undecided wether to come back fully but
I've got a few blog post ideas written down
so we'll see where the wind blows me

and lastly

* I am feeling more positive
Mr S and I have been talking and planning differnt things for our future
we are excitied about some a bit scared about a few
But overall we are happy to be taking control

This week was a very "rough" one, I did feel like giving up everything
I've been feeling very invisible that my voice was was being drowned out in the world wide web
but then something happens and I start to feel present again.
Im just seeing how I feel each day
Taking it in my stride & planning what I can, not what I can't

Nothing more Nothing less
Just being in the momment.

Have you been able to find some beautiful Diamonds in your world this week?

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