Saturday, August 13, 2011

You know you're a mummy when...

Your sense of smell becomes atuned to poop.

So your in a group of friends all mummas all with kids.
Your all out somewhere enjoying a hot choccie and a coffee
and the kids are all running, crawling & playing together

And then...
"Right! who's pooed?"

One mumma will always catch a whiff of a not so pleasent nappy
which then means the next 5 minutes are spent
chasing kids and checking bums until the culprit is found.

Im convinced kids have a 6th sense to the word "poo"
Even if they arent old enough to understand it or say it
As soon as they hear it wether they are walking or crawling they scatter.
Making our job even harder!

And dont even get me started on the actual nappy change side of it
They seem to wiggle and squirm more when theres poo inside
So not only do you need 8 arms to juggle baby nappy wipes and clothes
you need to be a ninja to avoid a hand or foot ending up in the wee little surprise ;)

Once said culprit has a clean bum and mum has broken out in a sweat
Normal mothery conversationa and hot drink sipping commences and child running and screaming contintues

"Right! who's pooed?"

siiiigh here we go again ;)

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