Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Return of the Mumma

new beginnings, time to blossom

Its been just under 2 weeks since I decided to take a Semi Blogging Break
I was hurt and confused and new this was just what I needed to do.

I am so glad I took this time
I have acheived so much and feel so much better about things.

Blogging for me is about connecting with other people.
Embracing the mothering/life journey that I am on and sharing it with the world
I was starting to want more
I was starting to want instant success
Instant amazing posts that everyone raved about
(ok so i might be being extreme there but I was thinking similair thoughts)
and quite frankly I overwhelmed myself.

Being honest I was trying to post once a day
It was something I had noticed seemed to work amazingly for others
But you know what?
It dosent work for ME
I was getting anxious and angry if I couldnt find the time
I am up against a small group of people who do not like me & its hard to be in the same "circle" especially when they are "working" together
I was missing out on living in the momment because I was always thinking about blogging
I was scared that if I didnt post frequently like others I would be forgotten.
But really its ok
I know that no matter what my children are way more important then anything I have to write
I know I wont be forgotten because the people who really do enjoy my writing will always be here no matter when or how often I blog.
I now realise how much support I have and its given me a little more confidence
As the gorgeous Nathalie of Easy Peasy Kids says
"quality over quantity"

Blogging every day is way to much for me.
I have to many other things I want to do

I want to get out doors more with the boys
These warmer months are going to be differnt for our family i just know it

I want to start AND finish some craft projects I've found on Pinterest

I want to do more of Scrapbooking and even dabble in card making

I also want to dabble in party planning and decorating
I am a little hesitant in this one as I feel like im stepping on one of the most gorgeous ladies I know toes
and I dont want to hurt a frienship
So its one Im just holding close to me heart and seeing what happens

I want to cook more!
I have a huge list of new kitchen appliances I need in my kitchen
and I want to lose myself in there

I want to Organise more
I have so many little organising projects that I would love to get done around the house and in my life

As you can I want to acheive alot of things.

Blogging every day just isnt one of them

Keeping up with one a day is just too exhausting
I love blogging i really do but I think its time for me to cut it down to blogging whenever I have a post
Whenever I can get a few minutes to write one
It might be as little as my 2 posts a week
But it wont be as much as one a day.
I'll be finding a happy medium which allows me to blog, craft, organise and most importantly
spend time with my family.

So yes I am back WOOHOO
My posts wont be full time, they wont be witty or fluently written
they wont be proffessional like I just cant write like any of those things
But they will be real
Which is just how It needs to be

Thankyou to every single person who supported in my blogging break decison
and for all of those who will continue to support me
I truly am grateful and feel very special

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