Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Meal Planning Tuesday & my new keeping organised system

This weeks meal plan is another easy one

Wednesday - warm chicken rolls for the boys
basil & chicken toasties for mummy

Thursday - porcupines & garlic bread

Friday - we have my little cousins 16th birthday party so lots of party food hehe

Saturday - tacos - hard & soft

Sunday - Just me
Out to dinner with a friend

Monday - Just me
homemade vegetarian pizza

Tuesday - Just me
warm chicken salad

Linking up with The Organised Housewife

The Organised Housewife

As I dont have the boys this weekend im hoping to get some baking and freezer filling done
In amongst preparation for a market & craft projects

A few weeks ago I ordered a gorgeous custom journal from this great little FB page called
Journal Addiction
I receieved it today sooooo exciting
I love stationary and I love being organised so this journal is exactly what I wanted
Michelle was amazing to work with and tweaked all the pages and design until I was completely happy

Needles to say I am over the moon with it

Front cover using my favourite colours, favourite flower and my love for butterflies

Budget page - to write each weeks budget in to allow for changes & extras each week

Meal plan page - starting with wednesday just as I do and extra space at the bottom for notes

Shopping list page - set out in coloumns and groups to make the shopping trip much easier and theres not excuse for missing anything in any of the departments

Last page is To-Do list - with check boxes so I can tick off things as I do them

I love how Michelle understood everything I wanted in my book
and made it really easy to communicate all the small details like the butterfly watermarks
and the shopping list page

Now my goal is to sit down every monday/tuesday and fill out my pages
and every night sit down with my to do list and add things for the next day.

If you're like me and an orgainsing freak fan having a journal full of things like this is like all my Christmas's have come at once ;)

Im off to write out my budget and start my to do list

What system do you have to organise your meal plan/shopping list & budget?

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