Saturday, May 7, 2011

Grateful for... Words

Im joining in over at Maxabella Loves for

And this week i am grateful for words.
Yep simple little words.
Words can mean so much, or so little but this week for me
they meant so much.

I love the words...
"I love you"
they are the special ones i hear every day.
Lil C saying 
 "Ger - Ger"
(ok so thats a sound not words but he isn't quite talking as such just yet)
laughing and watching my mouth when i say
"Mum, Mum, Mum"
"Dad, Dad, Dad"
My mum saying
"I know i can't physically be there, but i am always here for moral support"
she lives in America (freaking hard at the best of times)
"I love you bubby girl"
Master J saying
"Happy Happy"
His version of Happy Birthday
"Daddy Fix It"
when something is broken or mummy just can't do it
Mr S saying
"We'll go out for tea instead for Mothers Day"
he's working till 1pm
Giving me a hug & saying
'I know this is what you need"
So many words this week, so many words every day mean so much to me
the ones i really needed to hear this week

"After the rains, come the rainbows love. Of that you can be certain"

"Trust yourself, be strong, and don't trade off part of who you are for ANYONE!"
~ Rita from Made by Mama

Both of these i will hang on too forever.
Both of these have helped me through this week.
Both of these are simply beautiful.
Both of these are nothing but the truth.

What are you grateful for?
Dont forget to join in the fun over at MaxaBella Loves too.
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