Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Im a woman thats why!

I can be in the middle of one book but want to start reading another.
Its my perogative ;)

At the momment i am in the middle of reading 'Mia Cupla' by Mia Freedman
It was one of my mothers day presents and i am LOVING it!
There is so much i can relate too, laugh at and even cringe at.
The Chapter im in the middle of right now Life with Children is my favourite so far.
The way Mia has written this chapter is with witt and serisouness
I've laughed and its even made me think.
I like a book that can put me on a gentle emotional rollercoaster.
I started reading Mia Culpa, just a few pages a day im in no rush
when i purchased another book.
The Complete Mary Poppins
by P.L. Travers
Its HUGE 762  pages huge to be precise 
Apparantly Mary Poppins was a series of books
who knew?It was there and i had just watched the movie so i thought why not grab it now.
I had forgotten how much i loved the movie
when it appeared on Foxtel the other week
needless to say i I'Qd it!
and watched it that night!
Its a beautfiful movie
I love the magic behind it and the imagination of the whole story.
I really am just a big kid!

Im hoping the book will be much the same if not better then the movie
I love to lose myself in books, use my imagination and mind to put myself right there next to the characters
Block out the rest fo the world just completley submerge myself amongst the words.
Well at least until one of the boys brings me back to reality ;)

As much as i want to hide amongst the pages of Mary Poppins
I will finish Mia Culpa, I have too.
It's too good a book not too really!

Its not that im not enjoying the reality of Mia Culpa
I think it's just the appeal of "fairy tale" that is drawing me to Mary Poppins
Perhaps the lesson to be learnt is don't buy a new book until you've finsished the current one?
or Maybe i should just read faster and more often ;)
Am i the only one that does this?

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