Friday, May 20, 2011

homemade bubba food...

My kitchen must hate me i beat it to within an inch of its life at least once a week
Last week i made a whole lot of food for Lil C
and a few of my friends wanted recipes etc.

On this particular day i had an Italian chicken casserole just the Coles brand in the slow cooker
This was perfect as i used some of the sauce on his vegies for dinner.

I also made homemade vegitmite rusks
One of Lil C's favourites!
Just take 2 pieces of bread wholemeal or white
Spread vegimite on one slice top with the other slice and squoosh it down.
Cut all 4 crusts off and then slice the sandwhich into 3 fingers.
Lay on a baking try lined with baking paper
And cook in a low overn 125o for 1 hour or until hard.
They store in an airtight container for quite awhile.

Next on the menu was Apple and Strawberry
I peeled, cored and diced 3 apples (you can use any kind) and cut the tops off and cut into quarters a punnet of strawberries.
Pop them all in a small saucepan with some water and a sprinkling of sugar
(takes the bite away)
The colour of the strawberries will run but ot still tastes yummy ;)
Once they are all soft and mushy transfer to a bowl leaving behind the liquid and mash or puree
Let it cool and Voila!
You can use the liquid for their breakfast use it soften weetbixs or mix with baby rice cereal.

Vegie pancakes were a huge hit with both Lil C and Master J
Simply make a pancake batter as usual minus the sugar
mix in some mashed vegies ie. potato, pumpkin and sweet potato
grate some zucchini and carrott into the batter
and mix well
Cook as you would sweet pancakes
Master J loves having his cut into shapes using cookie cutters and served with tomato sauce
and Lil C just loves sucking on fingers of cooked pancake

I even attempted finger food vegies.
I simply peeled and sliced into fingers
potato, pumpkin, sweet potato, carrott and apple
then par boiled them in some water until they were soft, but not falling apart.
As they cool they harden a little but are still soft enough for little moths to suck/gum or chew and dont get mushed in their little hands.

At the momment the poor poppet isnt eating much because hes not well
but when hes feeling good he normally eats quite a variety of foods.
Homemade sghetti sauce with soup pasta
mashed vegies
banana muffins
Plain crackers or for something sweet yo yo biscuits
Strips/fingers of red capsicum and cucmber
Lots of pureed/mashed fruits

Once hes feeling better and eating more again we will be moving onto
rices and differnt sauces including pureed casseroles etc
chicken nuggets and some more vegies.

So thats what gets cooked in my kitchen for my little Princes'
hope you can take some inspiration from it :)
Did your little ones have a favourite homemade food?

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