Saturday, May 21, 2011

I am Grateful for...

Near and far
Things have been rough the past few months so much has happened
there has been doors closed but new ones opened.
But i am a firm believer in everything happens for a reason
wether it be bad or good, it was just meant to be.

The ones that follow have an impact on my life everyday,
and i am so blessed to know every single one of them.

I have a gorgeous mumma in Tassie
we speak every day and work together with our FB buiness's
She has been one of a few amazing mentors
I hope one day we can meet and that our friendship does nothing but blossom and grow.

5 gorgeous girls with their beautiful children
We have catch ups regularly for playdates and mummy gossip.
3 of which i speak to on a daily basis and have helped me through one of my toughest momments recently, and i could not be more grateful for that.
However each and everyone of these 5 girls has helped me in some way
wether they realise it or not.
But i want them to know i appreciate their friendship, more then words could ever express.

2 wonderful young ladies
We have rekindled our friendships after a few months of not talking
I can honestly say i am extremely grateful to be given a second chance
They were always a huge part of my life and i am very thankful to be apart of their lives again.

Bloggy Friends
Blogging has opened many doors for me none more important then the friendship one
So many of my lovely fellow bloggers and readers i interact with regulalry
And as i gain more exposeure and interaction
I just know some of these friendships will grow
We may only talk through our comments, blogs or FB pages but that in itself is sometimes all we need.
And of course it may eventuate into face to face meet and greets and lifelong friendship
Only time and blogging will tell ;)

and lastly but certainly not least

My Mumma friends!
All the girls from the good Ol Days of Myspace
Or from Primary/High School
They all mean the world to me
We can talk about anything with each other,
children, relationships just "stuff"
and nothing feels better then knowing you have the friendship and support behind you
of people who go through the exact same things as you.

Really when it comes down to it
I have some amazing people in my life.
Some have been there from the very start others have just walked into my life
But each and everyone of them are here for a reason.

I am Grateful that they love me for me and are here for me whenever i may need them
as i am there for them.

"A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out"

Playing along with gorgeous Maxabella You should too!

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