Thursday, May 19, 2011

Did she just do that?

Back when i was a wee teenager say about 13?
There was things that "adults" did that i never ever thought i would do or happen to me.
These are some of the things that I do now as 25yo mumma of 2 that i never thought would happen

* Drive a car
Growing up i was so excitied to be able to get my licesense at 16 but once 16 came i still didnt have my 'L's
at 18 i still didnt have them at 21 nope still nothing
Ok so at about 23 i finally got them after falling pregnant with Master J
best thing i ever did!
But i had reached a point after several failed attempts where i never saw myaself driving a car
Now i have my P's and drive my partners Ford Fairlane.
image from here

*Fill a car up with petrol
This obviously comes with the territory of driving a car
You cant drive anywhere without petrol
But the thought of me going into a petrol station and knowing what to so and doing it "right"
scared the absolute shite out of me
Now i do it once a fortnight!

* Not gag or dry-retch over poo and spew
I have like the weakest stomach!
I would almost vomit at even the thought of someone else vomitting
and POO omg lets not even go there
But throw 2 kids into the works
and sure i'll hold anyones hair back and rub their back or change pooey nappys
Its all become the norm and my stomach has turned into an iron gut!
Ok so not entirely true but its better then it use to be.

*Be a statistic
I never thought i'd see the day where my parents got divorced.
This was both their 2nd marriage so my dad is actually my step dad
but he raised me & my bro from when i was 2 so i know no other.
So i thought they'd live happily ever after
But no they divorced my bro and i become a statistic... again.

which brings me to the next one...

*Have a relative in another part of the world.
My family are in Australia pretty much in every state.
I use to wish we had family overseas just to be cool really ;) but i never thought it would actually happen
Until my mum became my mom
yep Mother dearest moved to the good ol USA :(
Seriously hardest thing i've ever been through
She is happy and thats the main thing and i miss her terribly but she is where her heart belongs
mom i know your reading this so please dont cry!!

*Go green...ish
I used disposable nappys with my first even though i had pressure to use those "old fashioned"
terry towelling cloth nappys
But second time round i was inspired the gorgeous Miss Holly Homemaker to use MCN's
And i have.
We dont use them full time only at night or if they are drying do we use dispossable but all day long Lil C is in some gorgeous printed and coloured MCN's
I never thought i could handle the washing of the poo but hey with my cast iron gut everything is possible!

just a tiny snippet of my MCN stash ;)

*Become a School Geek.. Aagin
I totally wasn't a geek at school just for the record
But after high school finsihed i wanted to study more
I love the whole learning process, writing assignments, searching for information
oh and dont forget the awesome stationary.
So i studied cert II in communtiy services
Then Cert III in youth work and began Cert IIII in Youth work (i never completeed cert IIII)
Now i want to study again!
Call me crazy my life is so hectic right now
but what i wouldnt give to be studying event management or planning.
Maybe one day soon that opportunity will arise but i never thought i'd go back to "school"

*Eating new foods
As a teenages i HATED avvaccado, tomatos and grainy bread
Now im happy to toast grain bread smear it with avaccado and top it with tomato
I still wont eat melted cheese or any form of pork
But these new foods are amazing!

*Cook and LOVE it
yes you may have seen how much i am into cooking right now
But i never thought i would reach that point.
Cooking for me was always such a chore
i felt the same way about cooking as i did washing dishes or doing the laundry
I loooathe both!
Cooking now though is exciting
I love trying new recipes, buying exciting new kitchen utensils and serving food my family will love.
You could say cooking has gone from Drab to Fab!

There are so many more things i have surprised myself with
I never thought i would be or do any of the above.

My forseen future at 13 wasn't anything like i thought
In all honestly its much better.

I feel like an adult, a real mummy and a real housewife and
Im happy with that.

image from here

Are you doing anything you never thought you would or could?

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