Saturday, April 30, 2011

Today im Grateful for..

I thought it was time to spread my wings, i would love some more interaction on my blog
(any tips would be fabulous)
So what better way to do that then to join in with Maxabella Loves for the very first time mind you
and blog what i am grateful for this Saturday :)


which is odd for me.
Normally cooking is a chore not something i enjoy,
but recently with all the stress i've been under and all the hurt im going through,
Cooking just lets me forget about it for a little while.
I have to forget it all while im cooking, i have to concentrate, i have to follow recipes
there is no room for anything else.
I am in my own little bubble.

Not only is it a distraction for me it makes me happy that my family are eating something healthy,
something new some nights.
That i get appreciation when they taste a scrummy dinner.
I love that it brings us together at the dinner table to create special family momments & converstation
but especially when Master J helps mummy make "cookies" or "cake"

I love how it make me feel like a real 50's "housewife"
(weird i know)
 even though i whinge that im not JUST a housewife
I love feeling like one when i cook.

I am also grateful for all the fresh meats and fruit and vegies i have access too,
paying an arm & a leg for yummy fresh produce is worth it... most nights ;)

Such a lovely idea you can play along at Maxabella Loves 
its nice to appreciate the small things
which somedays i will even admit is a darn hard thing to do
but afterall we are only human.

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