Saturday, April 23, 2011

Im BAAAAACCCKKKK.. did you miss me?

Yes im here, im back WOOHOO
i had to take a forced disappearing act as my laptop hard drive decicded it didnt want to be friends anymore!
Its ok i replaced its arse with a new one ;)

So lots has happened in my absence
My little life is taing twists & turns every day
its one hell of a ride somedays!

Il start with my super exciting news =D
no im not pregnant again haha
An awesome new womans forum/website is opening in June called
It's going to have loads of info, bloggers and real life stories & recipes.
Well the lovely Jen put the callout for people to write some posts on differnt subjects
MOI has been asked to write several posts for them
SOOOO excitied!

My little business TeeLee Blue is plodding along nicely
I'l be having a market night as soon as i can get some spare time to create.

Moving on to Mr S my lovely partner!
He was given a 7 wk job on the back dock at work and they are that happy with the arrangment he is doing it indefiantly AND they gave him more hours!
Things are looking up for him
its great to see him enjoying what hes doing now!

Master J,
well where do i start!
Hes turning into such a little man!

He'll be 3 in June & we are planning his birthday with the help from the gorgeous Lil of
His talking is coming along in leaps and bounds.
hes now stringing 3 words sometimes even 4 & 5 words together.
The speech therapy is working wonders! It just what he needed.

He is also doing swimming lessons, without mummy :)
It took awhile for him to warm to the idea of being in there alone with his instructor and 2 other kids
but now he loves putting his Muscles (floaties) on and kicking and splashing.

Lil C,
My little Owlet bless him is now 7 months old
(where does the time go)
He's still smiling ALL the time even when hes crying you can get him smiling lol
Eating 3 meals a day, has dropped his afternoon bottle on his own and is loving sucking on watermelon and salad stuff.
The biggest news for my little man is hes trying to CRAWL
yep on his knees, bunny hopping and rocking back and forth.

Its so exciting for me to watch because Master J never did any of this build up to crawling.

So thats a little update on my family.
Il be sharing more as i blog.
I have so many ideas for posts and just not enough time
so il take it one day as it comes and see where it takes me.
There will defaintly be
more Camera Play, more meal planning, and loads more on my crazy life
ups & downs included!

On that note 
I hope you all have a fantastic Easter!
We are off to the Oakbank Races on Monday & cant wait!!
We are all getting dressed up, mummy in a dress and daddy and boys in shirts and dressy pants.
Hopefully i can get some rather cute pics of us all together.. well maybe just the kids.

Travel Safe and eat lots of chocolate and Hot X Buns

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