Monday, March 21, 2011

Camera Play - Getting my Usher On

  Week 2 of Camera Play
you can play along too just head on over to
for the how to and get involved.

This weeks pic is of me and my bestie Miss K

We got a night to ourselves to see 2 fabulous
and might i add rather sexy
but extremely talented singers
this friday night.

I am talking about none other then USHER and his supporting act Trey Songz
were they fabulous!!

There was tops ripped off
*insert drooool here*
Amazing dance moves and just an all out fantastic atmosphere!
I loved watching and singing along, especially when he let us sing the lyrics lol
and it was just wonderful to get out of the house, get all prettied up and groove away.

Was defiantly the highlight of my week and the best concert i've seen!

 Top left Me and my bestie Miss K
Top right Trey Songz mmmm hot!
Bottom Left the man himself USHERRRRR
Bottom Right the man doing his thang

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