Friday, March 4, 2011

My Bag of Tricks...

So heres my second installment of
My Bag of Tricks
hints and tips to help make the busy mumma's life a little bit easier!

*This helpful tip was suggested by miss Em over at Mums the word
If you have a huge pile of washing that needs to be folded, and you just can't be bothered. Separate the bigger things form the smaller, and put into two piles. Then fold the bigger things first (sheets and towels etc) and the small last!
Trust me; it will seem alot easier this way!
And do so infront of the telly!
image from here

* If your drains are dirty or theres a funky smell coming from them
pour some bi-carb soda down there and then the some vinegar
it will fizzle and froth and hopefully take the smell away!

*How to tell a good egg from a bad egg!
Fill a glass with some water and drop your egg into it
if it floats its FUNKY!
if its sinks crack away

image from here

If youve got any hints, tips or tricks to do with anything that would help another
let me know and il include it in my next bag or tricks post
giving credit to you obviously.

Hope you get some usefullness out of these tips and tricks

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