Sunday, March 13, 2011


Tonight for dinner we had some yummy Balsamic chicken and roast vegies
thankyou to miss Holly Homemaker for the recipe it was delish!

Which got me thinking of sunday night roasts dinners
which lead to family traditions.

I decided then and there that we would be having some sort of
every sunday night.
It wont necassarily be roast meat
but it will defiantly be roast vegies and some sort of meat, even if its just schnitzel.
My partner agreed and i think master J will love it as he devoured his roast potatos and roast pumpkin
om nom nom.

So these thoughts and decisons got me thinking about all our other family traditions we have.

image from here

I love traditons i think they are important it gives us something to look forward too to get excited about its the little things in life that make the days so much brighter.
Its also something for just you and your family no-one else shares the same thing at the exact same time

So heres a few of our traditons...

Every Easter we head to the Easter races at
we use to camp there, Mr S and his family have been camping up there for years
since we've had master J and now Lil C it's a little harder
but one day we will camp up there again.
We still get all dressed up for the 2 main race days and have a flutter hehe

Easter Presents consist of one choccie egg or bunny a few small egss and a set of Pj's
Mr S gets ferraro rocheres and i get a Lindt bunny

Every Christmas Eve we open one pressie each
well not so much mum and dad now but the boys will get too
We also try and watch the Polar express or go looking at christmas lights.

For mine and Mr S's birthdays we always ither have homemade sghetti/lasagne and garlic bread or Chinese from our favourite chinese shop for dinner.

Every 2nd sunday (as Mr S works the other atm)
will be our

Our newest one will be a "Roast" something every sunday.

I'm also trying to bake with Master J once a week and now i think we will be doing some craft once a week too ive found some gorgeous craft ideas that we can do together

well thats all i can think of at the momment
im a tad disappointed i thought we had more :(

Im sure theres plenty more i just dont realise!
Im sure theres lots of smaller things and things we do in differnt seasons at differnt times of the year.

Anywho because it seems we dont have as many as i thought, i think its time to start adding some more!

What family traditons do you have? i would love for you to share them 
the inspiration would be appreciated ;)

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