Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Helllloooooo Linen Closet...

So part of my 2011 New Year, New Me plan was to become more

Ive already taken
The Organise your Pantry Challenge
and did great
I will admit it needs doing again
but sshhhhh dont tell Katrina ;)

The most recent challenge i decided to do was

In my baby brain wisdom i didnt take a photo of my cupboard before..
But this is it after...

Im pretty impressed with myself again

Top Shelf : Green bags and board games
Second Shelf: Nappys, bath towels, facewashers
i even had a spot for birthday presents im buying in advance =D
Third Shelf: Master Bedroom sheet sets and Master J's sheet sets
Fourth Shelf: All things baby, wraps, spew rags, cot sheet sets, blankets
Last Shelf: lots of differnt things extra blankets, throw rugs, table cloths and esky bags.

I got rid of blankets and wraps (some to giveaway some to sell), yucky towels and facewashers
It felt gooooood
Now with any luck i'll be able to keep it this clean.

Next Task for me personally is to find some draw that were featured in
I think these will work wonders for my little family.

Cant wait to see what the next Organsing task is
yes i love to be organised!

Will you join in?
A Happy organised house equals a very happy mummy
well in this household!

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