Thursday, March 3, 2011

Where oh where oh where is shadow...

This another one of those
if you dont like it dont read it
if you think its about you it probably isnt

It seems my 'real' shadow the one thats cast by light has been replaced..
Yep replaced, by a real person!

Someone is following me around, using similar words, ideas and just plain out being a copy cat!
picture from here
(and not even a first rate one pffft girl please! your giving me a bad name!)
WOW how high school does THAT sound!
But its true and its annoying me and thats why i have come to blog it

As they say
"imitaiton is the sincerest form of flattery"
But you know what?
Whoever said that needs a swift kick in the head
because its a load of crap
I dont feel flattered at all.
I feel used, angry, fustrated and so very disappointed.
But mostly i just want to stab, you know how it is..

Ok yes i am not the queen, i am not the sole creator or the first person to do this or say that
i did work hard to put MY twist on things, use MY brain and ideas, MY time and effort
and for it to just be used as if they did all the thinking themselves
Its hard to sit back and watch someone play out your life little bit by little bit
pretending that it was all THEIR idea! pfffft
Yes i know there is also room out there for everyone
when its a someone you know it kinda starts to get a little cramped and i get claustrophobic
which in turn gets me stabby.

Honestly is really that hard to come up with your own ideas? or your own words?
im so grateful my mumma taught me to use my imagination
because clearly some people are VERY lacking in it

I have however come to the conclusion
not only am i AWESOME (naturally)  ;)
It makes this person look like a complete twat! a liar a faker
and quite frankly a selfish person
KARMA will get you... just saying!

Anywho i will hold my head up high and keep on creating things using MY take on things
and pretty much just sit back and watch...
Cocktail in hand of course!
(makes it easier to celebrate karma)

please excuse my Awesomness ;)

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