Sunday, March 6, 2011

Falling into Autumn

I was reading a blog over at Team Mummy
you can read it here
That inspired me!
Amba had a quote:
"Cease the opportunity. Live life, enjoy the little things."
How very true!
What followed was pictures of her beautiful little family and all the fun spontaniuous things that they had been doing whilst embracing life.

I decided that day because of Ambas post
that it was time to make some
"family time"
I told my partner that the following sunday would be
"Family Day"

That day was today.
We packed up the car with toys and towels, sunscreen and fishing rods.
We were heading to the beach
Master J had a fabulous time as did we all.

Master J and Daddy fished, Mummy and Lil C just relaxed in the shade
we had hot chips for lunch,
fished some more, built some sandcastles and jumped some waves.

It was then followed up with winter clothes shopping for the kiddies
and a few bits and pieces for mummy and daddy
including a new beach umbrella and beach shade!

here's just a few pics that captured the day and my heart

So a big thankyou to you Amba
without your inspiration i would never have kicked Stuart up the butt to get us out and about

We had the best day today
I cant wait for what the next family fun day may bring
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