Thursday, March 17, 2011

2 little boys...

I have 2 little Masters
Master J who is 3 in June and Lil C who is 1 in september.

I have no pink in my house,
it is all blue and green and red and brown.
Matchbox cars, building blocks, animals and planes.

I wouldnt change it for the world...

When I first found out Master J had a peen
I wont lie..
I was sad I went to the toilet after my U/S and cried on my mums shoulder.
WHY you ask?
well its a silly reason but i wanted a girl first.
Im an older sister and loved the relationship i had with my brother
It just seemed to me how it was suppose ot be for us.

It didnt take me long to get over it, we were exicited.
we wrapped our baby boy in blue, made plans for him to play in the dirt and play footy when he was older.
He was going to be an awesome big brother I just knew it.
When I fell pregnant with Lil C
I think it was pretty clear i was baking another blue
I still held onto the hope i would get the pigeon pair
because that seemed perfect to me!

And yep he was our 2nd little man.
And yes my heart slightly fell again BUT it was pretty awesome too
they were gonna grow up to be best buddies...
thats the plan anyway haha

"Sometimes being a brother is even better than being a superhero"
~Marc Brown

kisses for little brother on mothers day

The first bonding momment

i love you

6 months on and that plan is looking pretty good so far.

Master J ADORES his little brother.
Always finding his dummy, helping me where he can playing with him, talking to him, making him laugh.
They bath together, have "tummy time" together, sometimes just "be" together
Dont get me wrong he has his momments of terror and jealousy
but im pretty sure thats all normal.

He is also extremely protective!
He has in his mind who and who isnt allowed to touch and hold Lil C.
He has smacked total strangers hands for touching Lil C or yelled NO at the kiddies at daycare.
He starts to get worried if he thinks we are going to leave Lil C behind
He will come running if somethings not right
(example if Lil C has toppled over whilst sitting up) 
Its so very cute to watch and makes me so proud.

I can just see once Lil C starts to crawl and walk Master J will acquire a shadow,
they already get along so well, laughing at things they only know,
playing with cars

and just being brothers.

I look at my boys now and think they are perfect.
and, honestly,
I am so happy to have
2 little boys, 2 little best friends, 2 little mischief makers.
I dont think there is anything like the bond that forms between 2 brothers
and i can not wait to see it turn into something so unbreakable.

"There's no other love like the love for a brother.
There's no other love like the love from a brother."
~Astrid Alauda

One day mumma might get her girl but for now...
I will just enjoy the love and bond of 2 little boys for their mummy
because that is like none other too..

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