Wednesday, April 27, 2011

BOIIIING The Clock Struck Feral O'clock...

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Feral O'clock...
It's that time of the evening around about 4:30/5:00pm
where all hell breaks loose!
Babies are crying for their dinner,
toddlers are throwing tantrums because they cant have a bikkie before dinner,
I had surround sound crying it was awesome :|
Mummys on the phone trying to organise a sleep over for the little cousin (because shes had crap holidays), trying to calm children, cook dinner (because i wasnt prepared), heat baby food, teach toddler he has to wait for dinner, txting gorgeous friends,
All the while thinking where the F*CK is Hubby!

Then its silence daddy walks through the door which entertains toddler, baby is having his face fed and mummy is looking at Hubby giving him the 
you have NO idea that our house sounded like a zoo 15 minutes ago
EVEN if he had brought me home flowers!

Now its blissfully quiet toddler and baby are asleep, daddy is at training and mummy is,
blogging, facebooking, tweeting and watching Bethenny Ever After.
Preparing myself to do it all again tomorrow but adding my 9yo cousin to the mix
Wish me luck!

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