Wednesday, April 27, 2011

2011 ~ The Best Easter so far..

My little familys Easter has been amazing this year.
I dont know why but something just felt so right!

We had decorated a small corner of the lounge room where the coffee table is
Muchily inspired by Jade of Super Organiser Mum

Master J's footprint bunny face ~ left, Easter wreath ~ middle, Lil C's footprint bunny face ~ right
Master J's bunny with a carrott ~ bottom

Coffee table display eggs in left jar, Easter finger puppets in right jar, baby chicks in middle jar
selection of Easter & Bunny books in basket

We ate Hot X Buns, we relaxed and we played with the boys.
Easter Sunday... Bunny Day was such an amazing day
Both the boys woke up early so we snuggled them up into our bed while we waited for Lil C to finish his morning bottle, and then the fun begun!

Master J found the Easter Bunnys footprints

master J jumping the way the bunny did

All the way to "The Stash" for him and Lil C

Blankets from Leroy & Lola Kids Stuffed owl from Owls 'n' Stuff Easter cards from Sonni Lou Designs

After the excitment of the Bunny Mr S cooked us up some Hot X Buns for brekkie
annnnnd unwillingly (how could i say no)
We let master J have some chocolate before his breakfst
while Lil C enjoyed his new blankie.

my smiley boy

Now i was totally against Master J having chocolate this year, apart from one small egg from the Easter Bunny so we decided to do an Easter Car Hunt instead.
I brought 6 hot wheels cars and hid them around the back yard.
Master J loved it!!

We then decided a family lunch at the Seaford Hotel was on the cards.
It was delicious! Master J had a ball playing outside on the playground and eating his "chippies"
and mummy got to enjoy a cosom slushie!
first drink since NYE!
Once we had filled our bellies and tired out the Master
we headed up to Oakbank for the rest of the day.
Oakbank is where SA's Easter racing carnival is held
and Mr S and his family camp up there every year on the Oakbank Hillside and get all dressed up for the Easter Saturday & Easter Monday Race Days.
We headed up on sunday just to relax, let Master J run wild and get all dirty and enjoy the fresh air!
Isnt that whats being a kid all about?

Lil C snug as a bug watching the camp fire

ANZAC Day/Easter Monday was Race Day! WOOHOOO
we packed up the car
cant believe the amount of stuff we had to take!
and left early to beat the traffic.
We got all dressed and pretty up there,
saved master J getting all dirty in his new clothes

the boys outfits

And made our way to the race track.
It was an awesome day.
Mr S & I put some bets on and even won most of our money back
Master J was so well behaved and even got into cheering with everyone else as the horsies ran by

 Lil C just loved watching everything that was going on.
just taking it all in

Once the day was over we stayed at the campsite for a few hours before heading home.
We all collapsed into bed exceopt for Mr S who decided he wasnt too tired to go fishing
Insert Grrrrr *here

Overall it was just the most amazing Easter.
So relaxed, so much joy.
Master J was so much more aware of Easter which just made things so much more exciting.
he bonded with his Nana (Mr S mum) soooo much more,
it was beautiful to see them together and hear him calling out all the time "nana nana"
Raceday was fabulous! so much fun

Master J playing planes

mummy & Lil C

Stealing a kiss & a photo

Going out to lunch with my little family NEEDS to be a regular occurence!
I can only hope that next year once Lil C is about 18 months old
it will be even better again.

I hope you all had an amazing Easter too
i know for me and my family the extra time off was just perfect!

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