Friday, June 3, 2011

Busy Busy Busy.... STOP!

Do you ever reach a point in life where it feels like things just never stop?
That you feel like you dont get to ever sit down?
That there is always something to do?

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I do!
I reached that point last week.

It seemed like i was always rushing around to get things done.
Always rushing to not be late.
Between daycare, speech therapy, playgroups, the gym, Library sessions, blogging, food shopping, swimming lessons and playing housewife
I always felt like there was something to do, places to be people to see
you know the drill

Now dont get me wrong i LOVE doing all of this.
I like to be busy.
All of these things i do for my babes just like the next mum
I've had enough.
Im exhausted.
There's busy and there's just stupid busy.

I don't want to rush anymore, I want to enjoy the momment.
Each one of those tasks makes me who i am, who my family are.
Each one brings some sort of joy or happiness.
Which is why I dont want to give any of these up
The only solution.... Its time for another attitude change.

If you don't like something, change it. If you can't change it, change your attitude.
~ Maya Angelou

Love that quote and thats exactly what im going to do.

I'm not going to worry about being late for daycare, or playgroup
Its only going to be 5 minutes and honestly thats 5 mintues is 5 minutes more I get with my babes.

I'm not going to worry about the housework everyday
It will always be there tomrrow, I will sit down and play with my boys, even MORE.

I will start going to the gym more often.
It's only an hour out of my day and It's and hour for me. Thats important. I need to look after me too.

I will get things done... one day at a time
I am like this by nature i want everything to happen and be done right then and there
but everything dosen't have to be done at once on one night or one day.
Each night I will focus on one thing, craft, reading, couple time, computer time etc
Of course things will over lap but I won't stress that im not doing the "other thing."

I will cut down on Facebook
As much as i love it and i wan't to be on it,
It's time to 'schedule' a certain amount of time in per day for it
Facebook is way too time consuming and way to easy to access
thanks iPhone
I'm not missing anything
(another trait of mine i dislike)
The same high school drama and politics will be there tomrrow.
The same immatuirty, backstabbing & fake friends will be there to do my head in another day.
Minimising this will, with any luck give me more time to get more done... fingers crossed.

Some of these are physical, mental alterations others are an attitude change
Ither way you look at it they need to happen.

Life is too short
My children are only this age once
Its time to step back into the momment forget the other stuff and just BE...

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