Friday, June 17, 2011

The things i know

I thought i would jump in head first and join in Yay For Homes 

Master J is 3 today

action shot playing with bubbles
and has come so far with his speech development
To the point every time he sees something that resembles a cake or a decoration he asks
"for my party mum?"

That throwing a party for Master J is an awesome idea
Kids love parties
but deciding to hand make all the decorations to match the theme is not so cool
when you can only work on them at night
and that the ink will always run out just before you finish printing the last of the decorations!

That Lil C
will smile through everything and i mean everything!
Bad nappy rash, teething, a yucky cold
He just flashes that gummy smile and It makes me feel less like a bad mumma

gummy smiles
That Toy Story is a winner in helping with quiet time
and a very good substitute for the 2nd scratched up Cars DVD.
yes he watches it that much we are on our 2nd one siiigh

Trust is easily broken, and if you talk behind someones back
they will always find out one way or another.

That you find amazing friends in unexpected places
and friends that are no longer can put differnces aside, well kind of for the sake of the children.

For every negative there will be a positive around the corner.

What things do you know?

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