Saturday, June 11, 2011

This week im grateful for...

...Checkout operators.
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Yes you heard right!
and not because i am one myself!
Yes in between having babies, rasing toddlers and playing housewife
I work behind a checkout at one of the big supermarkets.
currently on maternity leave

Having worked on the other side
and copped abuse and nasty people
I feel for every single operator that may cross my path.
I know what its like
some days the days are long and slow
other days are busy and quick.
And yes it is so easy to lose your cool when under pressure.

Now I'm not making excuses for us
we are afterall trained in customer service and should know better
But at the end of the day we are a person just like you.
We make mistakes, we have bad days and we have excellent days.
The only difference is we have to be on our best behaviour our whole shift
regardless of our mood or how our day is going.

This week and last
I came across two amazing checkout operators at my local supermarket.
Which had just been given a massive facelift

The first was a young lady who was nrand new to the store.
I had forgotten my staff discount expired a few days ago
and hadn't gotten down to my store to pick up my new one.
So this lovely girl put through the discount they were having for the re-opening of the store
I was soooo thankfull
every little penny helps
especially when you are on a tight budget and have 3 males to feed ;)
I was that grateful for her doing that for me
I went and filled out a form expressing my gratutide.
Knowing from experience she will hopefully be rewarded for awesome customer service

My second encounter was a lovely male operator.
I stupidly forgot the 10% off dicount that was in our junk mail again for the grand re-opening
So he very graciosuly put that through for me.
He then told me i couldn't use my team discount
and you know what that was cool i'd just gotten 10% instead of 5% anyways
The next thing i know he was saying
"but we can put your staff through and then do a refund of 10%"
I was shocked
What an amazing thing he had just suggested to me!
That operator saved me 5% off my total
then refunded my another 10% which turned out to be a whole $15 extra!!
Needless to say I had to tell his manager too!

I walked away from that store with a smile on my face
and feeling kinda proud that i was apart of a company whos team members were this generous.

I hope that both of them get rewarded for their brilliant customer service because they both deserve to be told what an amazing job they are doing.
Some people may think they dont really need it
But as i said we are people too and it's nice to be shown our hard work is appreciated.

 What are you grateful for this week?

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