Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Name it baby

I was speaking to my good friend Miss Lauren of  Lollipops, Lilies and Jellybeans
about names of people and how it seems certain people with the same name are very much the same
and it got me thinking
Do names influence our personality, looks and traits
Ok so that sounds totally stupid but hear me out!

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When I fell pregnant with Master J we said from day 1 if he was a boy he would be called Joshua.
And thats exactly what he was named.
Now people everywhere! said
"Oh Joshua, hes going to be a handful"
"all the Joshuas i know are naughty little boys"
and if we are being honest
My Joshua is no angel!
So is he a little ratty because his name is Joshua just like all the other Joshuas'?
It's got me thinking anway lol

Or what about my name Tara
when I was named I was the only blonde hair blue eyed Tara around
All the rest were brown eyed with brown hair.
Even to this day i dont come across many blonde haired blue eyed Taras
and i am currently sporting brown hair hmmm?

What about Lily?
Lauren was told when she had chosen the name Lily for her little girl
that this person had never met a "bad" Lily.

I think It's a given that certain names will trigger bad and good responses in people
especially when naming a child.
There are hundreds of names and we come across thousands of people in a life time

But somehow does the universe have something to do with everyones name
and the personalitys and traits of these people?
Or is just the way we subconciously raise our children after associating certain things to a name?
So yes does that mean I've "raised" Joshie to be "naughty"
but only because of the image asscociated with the name Joshua?

I swear im not going crazy nither is Lauren haha
and all children are beautiful and amazing regardless of their name
But it certainly gave us something to think about
and we can defaintly place similarities in people we know with the same name
I wonder if there's any research on this?

What do you think? Do you know people with the same name and are they the same in personality?
Or did you consider the "stigma" assocaited with some names when naming your children?
Or do you think Lauren and myself should be sent off to the loony bin?

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