Friday, June 3, 2011

Pixar Cars' Biggest (oh heck cutest too) fan ;)

Master J LOOVVEESSS the movie Cars.
As a wee little man it was the only movie he'd sit and wacth the whole thing through.
If i needed some time to prepare dinner or do some housework,
I would set him up on his Cars couch with a snack and a drink and would get what i needed done,
without hearing a peep!

As he got older his room turned Car crazy.
He now has curtains, a small set of plastic draws a quilt cover, his couch and the cherry on the cake?
A Lightning McQueen bed.

Yes there is no denying the fact
That he loves "Keen"

So when we saw the trailer for Cars 2 on youtube

the boyo went crazy!
"Look mum, mum look, Cars"
That trailer was played over and over and did i mention over? again.
Not to mention Maters Tall Tales in great sucsession.
He ended up getting the DVD for christmas lol

When we walked into Target and saw all the Cars toys he was in awe
"wow look mum, Cars" 'wooooow"
Mummy put a very small laybuy on as his Birthday is very soon

When he saw the add on Foxtel for the Mack truck tour
He was beside himself with excitement.
Now with his delay he didnt click that it was somethng he could physcially go to
But just seeing all the Cars pictures and the life size Mack was enough to send him into Car mania.
Sooooo mummy researched, found where it was and we went!

It was quite a small set up but boy did he have the time of his life!
Flitting from one free activity to the next the whole time with the biggest smile on his face.

He rode on Doc Hudsons Car Training track, Coloured in some Cars pictures
Raced lightning McQueen against all the other cars and had a BALL on the Cars electric car track

He wasn't too sure about Mack i think he may have been a little big ;)

But he checked him out a little bit got his photo taken and even got a certificate for racing
Lil C got in on the act too ;)

Needless to say i'm asking Mr S to take the day off work so we can take Master J to the cinema
as a late birthday present.
And secretly mummy and daddy cant wait ither!

Now the gorgeous people of Nuffnang and Disney are giving away free family passes to bloggers too see cars 2 at the end of this month
All they want you too do is...

a) Write a blog post to create awareness of the upcoming flick, Disney/Pixar Cars 2

b) Include the Disney/Pixar Cars 2 trailer so your readers can score a sneak peak as to just how awesome this movie is!

c) Once your blog post is live, leave a link to it in a comment on this blog post and email your full name and postal details to and they will have a pass out to you in the mail.

Competition is open to Australian residents who are able to attend screenings within Australia.
Entries open 3/6/11 and close on 17/6/11 at 5pm. Please refer to the Terms & Conditions for more details!

So what are you waiting for?
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