Friday, July 20, 2012

Things I Know...

I seem to have a smidgen of my blogging mojo back.
It's been a nice change.
I love connecting with all my lovelies, it feels like I've spread my social butterfly wings a bit more.

To make sure I keep it up I'm linking up with one of my old fav linkys

which is now hosted by the fabulous Dorothy from Singular Insanity

Lets see what I know well what I think I know ;) this week...

* I know that food shopping kiddie free is... AMAZING! I was able to take my time and browse the shelves a little more thoroughly.

* I know that I am well and truly over winter and ready for the warmer days and beautiful warm nights. The entertaing, the dinners outside and lazy days at the beach.

* I know that the brotherly bond my babies have is so precious. They fight one minute but are best friends the next.

* I know I would be lost without my small group of gorgeous friends.

* I know I hope to extend that group with a few more friends over time and maybe just maybe reconnect more with one or two of them.

* I know that this Sunday is going to be a bit of a hard day for me. The only thing that will get me through will be to keep myself busy and be in contact with my lovely friends.

* I know that it's hard work trying to combine 2 families with children involved and exs in the background, but the result can be bliss.

* I know that I have come along way and made some real progress with personal things. It actually makes me really proud. If it wasn't for more friends always being there and supporting me every step of the way I know I wouldn't feel this way at all.

and I think that's all I know... well at least for now.

What do you know?
You could always link up and tell the world, it's all kinds of fun!

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