Sunday, June 24, 2012

Boofa turns 4 and Monster truck madness

On Sunday the 17th of June we celebrated Master Js 4th birthday... Yep 4!
I have NO idea where those 4 years went but what a ride it's been.
You can read his birth story *here*

I am in awe at the little boy he is turning into and how far we have come with his Speech Delay

He starts full time Kindy in Term 3, loves playing with his cars and trains, has really developed a love of cooking (well helping mummy cook) Loves his little brother so so much It really is beautiful to see and is talking our ears off!

So I thought in celebration of my gorgeous blue eyed boy I would share our pictures of his special day.

His birthday countdown chain
It really helped him understand when his birthday was and he loved taking a link off every night.

Birthday eve = 1 very excitied little man

presents set up the night before

Taking off his last link =D

unwrapping presents

the present haul

After a fabulous morning of opening presents and playing with his new toys the boys went off with their dad for a few hours so he could have some time with Master J on his birthday.

I had decided that after the rough 12 months we have had I decided a big party wasn't the best thing I decided I wanted something that was small and fun with the people that are closest to us and where all the focus was on Master J.
That turned out to be a dinner. I still got to decorate in his chosen Monster Truck theme, the kids got to play in an inside playground and it was nice and relaxing... well for the most part ;)

the decorated table

the cake
(thanks nana Kylie)

singing happy birthday and cutting his cake

mummy and the birthday boy <3

the little brother <3

And just because I totally love this outfit...

what mummy wore

So there we have it my Boofas 4th birthday in pictures.
He had a great day was spoilt rotten and I could feel the love from all over the place for my special little guy.

The only thing now is...

My house is being overrun by Monster Trucks!

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