Sunday, August 26, 2012

Windows of Happiness

All week I have thought about writing my Windows of happiness post for My Mummy Daze and her linky

Windows of Happiness

At the beginning of the week it was easy I had so much to be happy about.

Then rolled around thursday, there hasn't been much happiness around since then.

So this week even though my Window of Happiness may be slightly clouded in grey I can see the bright colours of flowers peeking through.

Daffodils, my favourite flower. I wish they were around a little longer then a few weeks. When they do hit the shops I buy them every week.

This week they have helped brighten my dining room and bedroom and smelt amazing.

Daffodils with orange and yellow
Jonquills - close enough to being a daffodil lol
Yellow ones.
Hopefully next week my Window will be a little clearer and happier.
 Only I can control wether it is or not so fingers are crossed I can get my thinking to change it's direction a little.

What's been making you happy this week?

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