Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Busy Bee

Its been quite busy over at my FB business page TeeLee Blue

I had my page revamped by Amber of Sprowt Graphic Design
and i could not be happier with how it turned out!
I now have a gorgeous new logo, welcome page and contact tab
She also did my business cards, order forms, invoice template and product sheets

TeeLee Blue Logo
As you can see it all ties in with my blog that Amber also designed for me

I had 2 Valnetine and 1 Birthday Sweet Treat Box orders for Valentines day
and they looked AMAZING!
Sadly they didnt travel aswell as i was hoping so its back to the drawing board for them

I also completed all Wipes Cases that were on order
I think im in love with Brown Braiding now it looked really good with the RB All Stars material

and as you may have seen in my last post i am attending the
on Feb 27th
So i thought instead of having bunting or a banner or nothing at all with my business name on it
I asked the lovely lady behind the FB page Kale to put my logo on a canvas!
Heres the end result!

I am soooo happy with it it looks amazing

So as you can see its been quite busy i have also been cutting lots of material ready to put wipes cases and facewashers together for the Market.
Ive also got a few orders in the works!

And on that note i better get back to decorating my "Funky Letters and Numbers" i have on order and playing housewife and mummy ;)

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