Tuesday, February 8, 2011

My Bag of Tricks...

Being a mummy of Two well three if you include the hairy man child
I am alwasy on the look out for fabulous cost cutting tips, hints and tricks in cooking, just anything that will help make life as a busy mummy that little bit easier or get me out of a pickle.

Which is why it thought it would be fabulous to blog all the hints, tips, tricks helpful gadgets that i come across
Hopefully this will help you too one day..

*Homemade schnitzel, you know the drill flour, egg, breadcrumbs, cook
But what happens if you have no have plain flour? or eggs?
Uh ohhhh
dont panic you can use corn flour instead of flour and milk instead of egg too easy.

*When the weather is a little bit unpredictable
I find hanging my washing on clothes aires and tops, dresses, skirts, pants etc on clothes hangers which you then hook on the washing line makes gathering all your clothes that much quicker if it starts to rain suddenly.

image from here

*When freezing meals or bulk meat, portion up whichever you are doing into ziplock or freezer bags.
To save room flatten them out as much as you can, if you put say 2 chicken breast in a bag put them side by side instead of ontop of each othe,r if its mince pat it down til its flat.
This will help them stack ontop of each other better and also help with the time it takes to defrost your meat

If you have any handy hints or tips you want too share to make another mummys busy day that little bit easier just comment and i will add it and credit you in my next "Bag of Tricks" post.
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