Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Start of my WAHM Journey and TeeLee Blue

Is excited to blog that i have started my own Facebook business

At the momment i am currently making/creating and decorating:
*Sweet Treat Boxes
a lovely box of choclates or lollys arranged like flowers

*inspired by aunty mouse

*Signature Bears
decorated calico bears for any special occasions (18th and 21st are just a few) that people sign so you'll always know who was there to celebrate with you

*inspired by aunty mouse

*Funky Letters
wooden letters decorated with paint, scrapbookin paper and embelishments

*inspired by Miss L

*Wipes Cases
material covered huggies travel pack wipes cases
can be personalised with initials if desired

*found on homemade websites, blogs and fb pages

and lastly but certainly not least

kids facewashers in all sorts of fun material patterns

*inspired by me

So that is everything that is being made and sold right now
I also have some other ideas in the works including presonalised building blocks, appliqued t-shirts and singlets and Baby Giftboxes
They will all hopefully be available soon

Stay tuned as i blog the rest of my WAHM journey
next up is the Marion indoor market on Feb 27th eeeek!

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