Thursday, February 17, 2011

Our Cooking Adventures...

Today master J and I were able to bake some cookies.
and BOY was i surprised at the little man that was before my eyes.

We just used a Betty Crocker packet to make them
But he had a ball pouring and mixing and then spooning them on too the tray.
It was like he knew exactly what he had to do without mummys help :(

As for the cookies they were delicious and i loved spending that quality time with my Boofa.
With a busy life being a mummy of two with my own little business
It was great to just forget it all and teach my little man some life skills.
I dont want him to have that stigma of "Males cant cook anything except a BBQ" attacthed to him
so im glad he enjoys being in the kitchen with mummy or daddy!

I think we'll be doing this a little more often
I wont say once a week because i cant gaurnatee we will always have the time
but i'll defiantlybe aiming for that!

What do you love to do all the time with your babies?

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