Saturday, February 12, 2011

POTD {Raising Boys}

This POTD is a little bit differnt ive also included a poem called 'Raising Boys' 
which i think goes so beautifully with my POTD pic
and with the fact i have 2 little boys.

This pic is of a half dieing half crushed tiny little daisy Master 2 picked for me on our way home from Daycare
But it is still the most BEAUTIFUL little flower i've ever seen

Master J "mum mum mum"
runs over with his hand out and places this tiny little flower on my hand
it was such a gorgeous momment one i wont forget and he was so excited to give his mummy a flower!
And this is where the Poem comes into play the very last paragraph

Raising Boys
Author: Roberta I. Teague
I scrub the wall of fingerprints,
Pick up the mounds of clothes.
I sweep the dirt that shoes track in-
Wish I could use a hose!

Meals are served from dawn to dark,
Dirty dishes crowd the sink.
Just when they’re washed and put away-
Everyone wants a drink!

The washer pulls the dirty grime
From pants worn thin and patched.
They look so very neat and clean-
Yuck, look what the pockets hatched!

Broken bones and bloody knees,
I should have been a nurse.
I take it all in shaky stride-
Just grateful it’s not worse!

Screams and shouts and arguments
Test the keeping of my cool.
They left the neighbor’s faucet on-
See their new front yard pool!

A soothing bath is ecstasy,
A reward at the end of my rope.
Raising boys isn’t really bad-
But first I must wash the soap!

A rose can say I Love You,
Orchids can enthrall;
But a weed bouquet in a chubby fist,
Oh my, that says it all!

Poem found here cant wait to post the other one with another POTD

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