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Lil' C, A Birth Story - Number 2 Blue

If you read the Birth Story of my first boy Master J
you would have read that it was a long and tiring experience.
A very worthwhile one but a marathon!

This is his little brothers birth story and it is polar opposites!
Just as they are in personaliaty already.
So here we go...

If you read how Number 2 Blue was created you would have read it was a pretty rocky start
full of anxiety lots of decisons and lots of tears.

Once we had decided to carry on with this pregnancy things got off to a flying start
I got morning sickness again! but it was more nausea for a few weeks until the actual vomitting kicked in then it was all day sickness.
I was tired chasing after an almost 2yo and looking after house and working wore me out.
But i started showing quicker AND i was going through pregnancy with my best friend!

We had all the normal test all the normal ultrasounds
we even got a few more by joining a weight gain in pregnancy study
And we even ahd the early Ultrasound to find out wether we were having a little boy or a little girl!
I wont lie i was hoping i would get a pigeon pair and that this little miracle was a girl but to our surprise i was baking a peen!
Yep we were expecting Number 2 blue!
Surprisingly i was soooo excited another boy they could grow up to be best of freinds
kick a footy together, roill int he grass and of course fight with each other.

So preparations started, buying things, sorting through all of Master J's clothes and what we still had for him
The biggest thing finding a name!

We found finding a name much harder 2nd time around we already had our boys name with J and we are still yet to use our girls name.
We trawled through internet sites, books asked for suggestions and eventually we found one we both loved!

As for the baby boy baking away
he was growing spot on, not giving me too much grief, well once the morning sickness went
i had the usual heartburn, sore back, sore legs and so on.

My midwife was wonderful as we got nearer the end and the talk of due date came about
i was feeling quite happy with going into labour, staying at home as long as possible and then making our way to the hospital when the time was right!

Lil' C had ither ideas!
We made it to full term with no real signs of him making his entrance anytime soon :|
by this stage i wanted him out i wanted to meet him and somewhat get comfy again!
I had stretch and sweeps and nothing we tried raspberry leaf tea, sex walking and then i gave in
He will come when he's ready.

Hmmm kind of...
So at 39 weeks i asked for an induction at 40 weeks the MW agreed but the maternity ward said no :( i was devasted i had gotten my hopes up and then they chnged their minds.
But this then resulted in having an induction booked in at 40 + 6 YAYYY

and we made it to that induction!

We get booked into our birthing suite at 3pm on the 11th of september
Our Midwife was Annette she was gorgeous!
We get comfortable and set up and speak about the process and whats "going" to happen and we get started!

I have an internal at 4:30pm to check that nothing is happening and apart from some contractions that started as we were waiting to be booked in there is nothing happening.
So the FIRST lot of gels are applied
I am instructed to not get up or move too much and to lay on the bed ither on my back or on my side for an hour to ensure the gels dont move.

As soon as 5:30 rolls around i get up shower go to the toilet.
We watch some TV chat with my mum who is there and settle in for a long night.

My mum goes home to get some rest just incase shes called in the middle the night

All the mean time ive been having contractions but nothing that swinging or walking or a heat pack wont fix.

At 8pm i decide im getting tried and that i want some sleep so i ask for the shot of pethadine.
My MW does another internal to check theres no progress and yep still nothing
Im given the shot at 8:30 and was told in 15 minutes i should be able to sleep that it wont stop the contractions or the pain but it would be enough for me to rest.

This mumma got no sleep!
It was until about 9pm that i was going "ummm why arent i asleep my bestfriend said she slept for 5 hours with her shot!"
gaahhhh i wanted sleeeep
9:15pm still awake contractions are stronger but i was'nt thinking it would all be over soon!

Im not sure of the exact time but within in the space of 15 minutes it was on like donkey kong!

One big contraction pressure front and back
(which i now know was him engaging)
I screamed "stuart get the mw, press the button"
but because he was so frantic he fumbled for the bell
Luckily my MW had heard me scream hahaha
She came running in asking "whats going on?"

Next thing you know the bed is set up ready for birth, lights are on, heat bed is down cupboards are flung open!
It was happening.. well so we thought!
my next few contractions were very mild, until they came back strong again.

YEP it was defiantly on all of this happened within the 15 mintues

Stuart rang my mum in a panic you need to get here NOW!

9:30pm i started pushing
Mum rushed in just in time!
My waters hadnt broken yet so the MW started checking to see if she was going to have to pop them
Yeah nah
I popped them at 9:40pm by pushing
All the MW said was everyone better step back!
Im like WTF! WHY?
She said because i have a bubble of fluid and she could see it and it was going to pop!

water went everywhere! It even got the MW's arms
(i had Annette and a student MW and doctor by that time)
I was all water that huge belly that everyone was like OMG your HUGE was alllll fluid

Anyways back to the story
The MW and doctor got me pushing down (with me saying i feel like i wanna poo MW said just let your body do whatever it wants to do)
With my chin on my chest and lo and behold
His head started to crown, there it was again that ring of fire!

Once his head was out and they checked for the cord etc
i was asked to start pushing softer not as hard and just edge his body out
I dont really know why but it may be because he started coming out so quickly they needed to slow it down a bit
In between contractions i look downa and see my little man hes so gorgeous
and to the MW's surprise trying to take his first breath with his body still inside me!

At 9:52pm hes out
(i pushed for 22mins and labour was from about 9:20ish so only a 30min labour)
he comes staright out on to my chest where like joshie,
he only cried for a little bit until he was calm again.

He was here! finally i was holding my precious boy!
Stuart cut the cord, he was wrapped up and had all the tests he had to have

Then he came back for cuddles with the proudest mum and dad!
You could not wipe the smiles off our faces even if you ahd tried!

So he was here he was amazing he was perfect he was ours.
And his big brother ADORED him

Cohen Edward was born (very very very quickly)
Saturday 11th of September 2010 at 9:52pm
weighing 8lb 20z and measuring about 51-52cm

Cohen is now almost 5 months and is the most relaxed, placid happy baby
A very nice change to his brother
They really are completely differnt

We are now a fmaily of 4 and i love it
dont get me wrong we have our bad days! and lots of them
but at the end of every day i just know..
I was made to be a mother
I was made to do this!

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