Sunday, September 25, 2011

Ooh, Thats - My 1st one!

Ok so I am slightly addicted to Pinterest
which in turn means im slightly excitied to be linking up with

I would have loved to have linked up from week 1
but life has been busy
So im excitied to start now and keep on keeping on

Looking at my boards I have no idea what to link up so I might just go the easy option and link up some of the Christmas inspiration I've pinned
and maybe even kill 2 birds with one stone and start some christmasy posts

I love Christmas
Not a word of a lie even working in retail I still love everything about it
This year with all the things I'm about to share I'm even more excitied

So here we go...

A homemade advent calendar
How awesome is this?
I already have everything i need to make ours just have to actually sit down and do it haha

Christmas craft with the boys

I love this idea of doing it on a canvas and then it can be used again

making santa hats would be fun right?
and what a cute way of displaying their attempt
or mummys attempt

Homemade decorations

Im loving the idea of a bit of a homeamde christmas
So im hoping to attempt lots of craft and christmas goodies by myself with the help of 2 lttle elves
So i am loving this Merry Christmas banner using Christmas plates

and absolutly adore these
Snow candles
These WILL be happening in this house this year

And you can't have a homemade Chirstmas without

Homemade Presents

I love the whole cookie in a jar concept

and I really want to attempt coasters with drawings & paintings from the boys
for family presents

and lets not forget

Christmas Baking

Christmas cookies

and how awesome
Christmas Pizza!!

Dont you just love Christmas!

I've already sat down and written my list of things I want to do
what I need to buy
Now all I need is for november to roll around to really get things ready

you can see all my other Christmasy pins here

And on that note

Check out all the other

Ooh, that's!
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