Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Meal Planning Tuesday & Lasagne in the Slow Cooker Recipe

Ahhh Tuesday we meet again
Im sure the weeks are getting faster & faster!

Last weeks meal plan went relatively well
I was able to freeze some of the leftover from the meals i cooked just for me
and sent some of the Slow cooker lasagne with the boys for their dinner.

This week we are back to normal excpet for monday where I have my first day back at work
Dinner will be something Ive already cooked and frozen.

So here we go...

Wednesday - Chicken Chow Mein
Thursday - Homemade hamburgers
Friday - 4 ingredients Spaghetti Cup cakes with added vegies
and a pesto pasta for mummy
Saturday - Quesalliadas
ham, cheese & grated vegies for the boys
pumpkin, spinach, feta & red onion for mummy
Sunday - Cohens 1st Birthday Party
So we will have his favourite chicken nuggets & roast vegies for dinner
Monday - 1st day back at work
Chicken Pie which I didnt end up eating last week & popped in the freezer
Tuesday - Pastie Pie

for more meal ideas check out the gorgeous Organised Housewife

Recipe Book
Lasgane in the Slow Cooker
requested by the gorgeous Fiona
Im a bit of a chuck it in type of girl and dont follow measurements
especially with things like bolognese and lasagnes
So i hope you can all make some sense of my recipe

500gms mince
1 packet of fresh lasagne sheets
1 tin of diced tomatos
1 tin of tomato soup
1/2 lge carrott grated
1/2 lge zucchinni grated
1/2 an onion diced
1/2 a medium red capsicum diced
2-3 button mushrooms sliced
mixed herbs
curry poweder
worstichire sauce

In a bowl mix your mince and vegies together
Add both the can of diced tomatos & tomato soup mix well
Sprinkle in some mixed herbs & curry powder and add a few splashes of worstichire sauce
Mix well

Layer sauce on the bottom of your slow cooker pot so it covers the base
next layer is the lasagne sheets I just rustically rip these and place them over the meal layer
Continue layering meat then pasta until the meal mixtureis gone making sure yor top layer is meat
Grate some cheese ontop
Place lid on & cook on low for 8 hours
Some how you still get a bit of a crusty edge and it tastes amazing.

Serve with garlic bread &/or salad

So whats cooking in your kitchen this week?

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