Friday, September 30, 2011

Things I Know

This week I know...

* That working on a checkout is like riding a bike
You never forget
I even remember all the fruit & veg numbers
Im not sure wether I should be proud or scared about that fact!

* That Master J is mellowing
I never thought I'd say those words
But the Boofa has had a shift in behaviour again and is starting to calm down
and is sleeping in!
never thought i'd say that ither!

* That things seem to be starting, ever so slowly falling into place
bit by bit inch by inch

* That my friends are everywhere
Here in Adelaide
Here in the bloggy world
Over there in tassie
Over there in QLD
Over there in Sydney
And i would be lost with each and every one of them

* That my backyard needs another mow and weed
and I have no idea how to use the lawn mower :|

* That I really want the warm weather back
buuuut it has been beautiful listening to the rain while laying bed

* That I am so very much looking forward to this weekend.
The boys will be at their daddys and mummy can have some mummy time
Its been a long, emotional week.
I'll miss them after the first night though... as you do

* That both boys fell ill with the same damn flu/vomit bug
needless to say my washing machine has been on overtime

* That Christmas is only
85 days & 16hours ish away!
get excitied people!

* That this weeks Things I know is a mish mash of knowledge
But that I quite like it

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