Friday, September 23, 2011

Things I know...

WOW its been awhile since I linked up with Shae from
and her

So here we go...

* I know that the biggest obstacles in life are the ones where you realise how strong you really are
Who's really important and who really cares.

* I know That new friendships come from yucky situations

* I know that exercising and eating healthy is working wonders!

* I know that I am 6-7kgs off pre Lil C weight and 11-12kg off pre Master J weight
which I am extremely proud of and am feeling really good about

* I know that Spring has sprung and i am LOVING it
The weather, for the most part has been divine.

* I know that Christmas is creeping up YAYYY
and that I am inspired with new ideas, new presents and new decorations.
Yes I am one of those Christmas freaks!!
I think I christmas elf in a past life!

* I know that going back to work as hard as it is, is the best decison I could have made
I get some adult time and extra play money!
Cant complain about that hehe

* I know that Lil C really shouldnt cross cut his teeth, there have been 1 or 2 long nights

* I know that when Master J was crying out "help me my tummy hurts" a few days ago because he was sick
was the most heart breaking thing I've ever seen

* I know that I know alot more then this but Lil C has just woken up from a ripper sleep in
and master J is complaining of a sore ... again :(
Which means...

* I know I need to get back to mummy duties
It was a blissful 15 mins or so ;)

What do you know this week?

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