Monday, September 5, 2011

You Know You're a Mummy When #2

You know you're a mummy when...
You find kids toys in odd places.

Have you ever opened your kitchen draw to find this..

Or gone to answer the phone only to realise this phone actually dosent work?

Or perhaps you were in need of getting something out of the cupboard but had to move the parked car first

Or maybe there's a monster underneath your couch that collects kids things and hides them there?
I know I have one

Or even better you find a child where their toys should be?

You wouldnt find these things anywhere but in a home that has children it
and you cant help but giggle and take photo
They just never tell you your house would be literally be take over by these little people
But isn't it the best reminder that your house is filled with fun!

Have you found any toys or kids things in odd Places?

If you missed the 1st you know you're a mummy
you can read it here or maybe it should say smell it here?
no its probably a good thing you cant smell it ;)

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