Monday, January 9, 2012

Week 1 ~ 52 Weeks to Simplify your Life

As I've said in many of posts thus far 2012 is a fresh slate for us
So when Deb from Home Life Simplified created an amazing challenge
52 weeks to simplify your life I jumped on the bandwagon!
This challenge fits perfectly with our fresh start so here we go!
you can read all the details if you click on the links above

Week #1 Challenge: Create a list of everything that went “right” in 2011

*Watching Master J and Lil C get closer and closer everyday
*Returning to work
*Master Js speech going to the next level
*Master J finally starting to ask "why" about everything
*Cohen taking his 1st steps
*Starting a fresh at Christmas time
*Finding friends in amazing places
*Nurturing 2 of my most important friendships with Miss Em and Miss Lauren
*Friendship dates with Miss Jodie
*Learning how strong I really am
*Uncovering my love of cooking
*Really getting the hang and loving Meal Planning
*Developing a closer relationship with my "adopted" mumma
(my mums friend who I can go to whenever I need as my mum is living in the USA)
*Getting down to pre Lil C weight
*Meeting a man that is understanding and caring
*Returning to blogging
*Finally learning to stand up for myself a little bit more
*Taking a huge leap and applying for TAFE
*Inspiring people with my cooking and crafting
*Finding my crafty bug
*Master J getting accepted into early pre-entry Kindy!
(due to his speech)
*Getting closer with my nana, aunty and little cousins
*Creating new traditions and actually sticking to them
*being able to take 13 months maternity leave to be at home with my boys
(I was only able to take 3 months with master J so this was HUGE for me)

This was a hard task for me 2011 was not a good year for us
It was full of ups and downs and they were quite extreme
But looking at this list I think I've found the good in most of our situations.

Now to start thinking about Week 2s challenge
I think this is going to be another difficult one but I shall give it my best.

If you like this idea of this whole concept dont forget to jump over to
and join in
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