Thursday, January 12, 2012

Meal Planning Wednesday ~ posted on Thursday ;)

The Organised Housewife

I'm back on board with posting my meal plans with The Organised Housewife
so this weeks meal plan goes something like this
Thursday - something from the freezer
I've just been through the freezer and have made a list of everything we have so there is plenty to choose from.
Friday - Mexibake ~ recipe from Planning With Kids
Saturday - Dolmio slow cooked chicken with tomato and italian herbs served with pasta
Sunday - Mummas meat pie and roast vegies
Tuesday - Homemade sausage rolls
Wednesday - Warm chicken and cous cous salad
just me for dinner

Baking - more 2 tone choc chip cookies and Im going to attempt some muffin sized apple pies

I am trying to get right back to homecooked and get into the kitchen some more after the boys were slightly "insane" after chirstmas as we had slacked off
but as you can see there is alot of homemade stuff so I know what's going into our food and into our bodies.

Also I dont necassarily cook those meals on those days its mainly a guide and a way to pick easy meals on our busiest days but I absolutly chop adn chanage days if I feel like it

Whats on your menu this week?