Thursday, January 19, 2012

I'm a studying mumma now ;)

Wooot I got offered a place in the TAFE course I applied for
and of course I accepted
I am literally freaking out but am so excitied too!

I was offered my highest preference which was
Diploma in Events
I dont know all the finer details yet but I am hoping it will still be external, part time so i can still work and still spend lots of time with the boys.
I am so looking forward to doing something just for me and using my brain again ;)
Not to mention setting up a desk and wait for it... Stationery shopping!!!
Woohoo! Bring on Kikki k hehe

Its definatly going to be a battle juggling everything I need to and still being the best mummy I can be 
I am determined to make it work.
I need to make it work
Its for our future.

The most exciting part about all this is it finally feels like some of my dreams are starting to come true!
Despite a few battles, 2012 seems to be off to a pretty amazing start!

Is there any other mummas out there that will be studying too this year?
Or any mummas who have some tips for me?
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