Monday, January 30, 2012

Week 2 & 3 ~ 52 weeks to simplify your life

Week 2 challenge Define your personal values
really had me thinking!
It was another tough one that required some deep thinking.. no seriously!

Its taken me all this time to think about what I value and believe in and how best to put that into single words.
I asked my friend Miss Lauren, who knows me pretty well what she thought some of my values were and I must say she got most of them
(she's pretty awesome like that)

I found it hard to explain why they are important to me which may seem crazy but it's not easy trying to put some of your inner most feelings into words.

Please also remember the reasons behind these values may not be "techincally correct" but they are my interprutation of them, what fits into our lives and what I believe
which may be differnt to you and thats ok.

~ Respect to me is a big one, for me personally it shows you value and an admire a person.
That you are grateful for where they have come from and what they have done.

~ my family mean the world to me even when we fight the little family I have around me are extremly important.

~ Ahhh motherhood being a mummy is so important to me, I knew from a young age being a mum was what I was destined to do and as much as I love it and would never give it up it is by far the hardest job I have ever done and ever will do.

~ I wold be totally lost without my friends! with limited family they are the family I can choose.
And when I can't go to my family I have my friends they have been through everything with me!

~ I would like to think I am quite loyal to the ones I love
For me loyalty is about always being there for someone, not turning on them, not talking behind their backs
but standing up for them, fighting for them, understanding them
and even when there is pressure not to do these things you still have their back and you don't let your opinion be swayed.

~ This is something I have struggled with all my life and still do to this today! I hav'nt felt like I have been fully accepted in alot of friendship groups and last year was a huge eye opener as to why
It would seem that I think quite differntly to alot of people and there always seemed to be a catch to the friendship.
But for the ones who do take me for me, with no conditions, no judgement
I know will be there until the very end.

~ This is important to me because my brother & close friend are gay.
I would love to see them have equal rights to all the things as we "hetro sexuals" have.
At the end of the day we are all equal despite sexual preference or even colour, wealth or status.
I am aware equality is a much broarder issue but my take on equality for me is this right now I value this tiny piece of equality.

~ I thing understanding & compassion go hand in hand to an extent. For me you dont know what people are going through until youve walked a mile in their shoes but until then trying to feel for them is a way of comforting them. Its a way of learning and showing that you do care.

*Unconditonal love
~ I vow to love my babies unconditonally they are my children and I love them regardless of who they become.
I think putting limitations on them is suffocating and hinders their growth and personality.
To feel unconditonal love is to feel free.

~ I am ever so grateful for structure and routine its important in our (mine & my boys) lives for giving them some stability and direction.

*Self expression
~ I have loved being able to express myself and I hope my boys will also express themselves in ways they enjoy.
I think expressing yourself, your inner most you in differnet ways is a beautiful way of showcasing how special & unique you really are.
We were asked to rank our top 5 and I honestly just can't do it
All these values are important to me and life just dosen't "click" for me if one of them isn't quite right or I am having troubles with one.
Granted not everything is perfect and so far not everything has clicked all at once and I dont think it ever will but somedays things are smoother then others when all these values are just "ok"

Week 3 challenge Create a Family mission statement

This one wasn't as hard as such as my 2 little boys are a bit young to get involved
But when I was writing out all our Goals, aims, things to do and achieve for 2012
I came up with a line that summed up pretty much everything
And I would like to think it's our
"mission statement"
It may not be the most traditional of mission statements but it's definatly something I want to work towards this year and something for me to live by and pass down to the boys.

"Have more FUN, Take more PHOTOS,
Create more MEMORIES"

It's simple but it's us and to me all these things are Important.
I want my boys to have fond memories of their childhood
To be able to tell stories and show their families the memories we created.

Now that I have finally finished weeks 2 & 3 its on to week 4

Have you been linking up with Deb at Home Life Simplified and her challenge?
How are you finding it?

I am definatly loving having my thoughts pushed and I am even learning new things about myself already!

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