Saturday, January 14, 2012

Our list of Goals, aims and things to do and acheive in 2012 :)

On new years eve 2011 I sat down once the boys were in bed and started writing.
I had printed off the 2012 goals printable from the gorgeous Bianca of a little delightful
and it was the perfect time to figure out what I wanted to do in 2012.
2012 is our fresh start its all about creating NEW memories.

I havn't made resolutions as such I've just written a list of things I would like to do better and more of
Things that will help me connect with the boys better
Projects I want to comeplete
Steps to make me a better mumma and look after me better
I guess you could say Its just a mish mash of a lot of things.
I wont blog them all as there is quite a few and a bit of detail but I would love to share some of them.

* Continue de-cluttering and try and actually stay on top of it
My main areas I need to be focusing on are

- the master bedroom
- the dining room particularly my craft area
- the boys baby clothes and things.
I am also participating in the 52 weeks to simplify your life challenge by the gorgeous Deb over at Home Life Simplified
*Create a Command centre.
Inspired by Tina Gray {dot} me command centre & Five Little Reasons school launch pad
As we are only renting at the momment I am hoping to make a portable version of a command centre and already have some ideas swirling around in my head.
I need a central place to keep everything thats important especially when Master J starts kindy in February.

* Cook and create/craft more
- I want to start cooking more from scratch
- organise my recipes better
- cook healthier snacks more often
- grow our own vegetable garden
which will end up being a container one so we can take it with us when we move.
- scrapbook more and maybe even get some project life happening
- finish projects I havn't started
- actually do more projects that I've pinned on Pinterest

*Put even more time into the boys
I will admit I dont do enough of the small things with them

- turn the TV off more and spend more time just being with them on their level
- find more one on one time with - more cuddles and less saying "in a minute"
- read to them most nights

*Put more time into me
I firmly believe a happy mummy equals happy children
I have always put my boys first and always will but there are somethings that I need to do for me and find the time to put me first without putting them 2nd

- find a little bit of time for the things I enojy
ie reading, crafting, blogging and scrapbooking
- find more time to exercise
- look after my skin better
I am totally guilty of not drinking enough water and not taking my makeup off at night

2 of my biggest personal hurdles and things I hope to at the very least work on and make some progress on are
- my body confidence
- learn to love myself inside, to trust I am good enough.
this one will help me all round to be a better mother and a better girlfriend

*Put more time into "us"
these goals are for the 3 of us as a family
- more family outings, the beach, the park and walks/rides.
- eat at the table and the outside table more
-more craft and cooking together
-start our memory jar

*Continue blogging
I want to continue to blog but I find I put myself under so much pressure trying to find something to write and finding a good "network" system that I'm really going to try and relax a little more.
- blog with less pressure
- restart my Diamonds in the rough posts
about finding the good in each day and maybe even turn it into a linky - we'll see how confident I become on that one ;)

*Continually nurture my new relationship
Alot of the points I had written down will help this along but I have already decided to not let things get "comfortable" I want to keep an element of the spark & excitiment we have now alight for years to come.

- keep talking especially for me and my insecurites
he has been amazing thus far and I know will continue to help me every day
- Dont let the one on one time lapse
on the weekends the boys are with their dad.
Try and have fun dates or date "nights"
- Continue being understanding
- Just let the universe guide us into what it has planned for us with no pressures or rushing things
we both need to just enjoy this time and the foundations we are building.

So these are just bits and pieces of things I would like to achieve, create and happen in 2012
They will obviously change thoughout the year as things happen and of course I will always be adding as new things come along and as 2 lives merge but overall 2012 is going to be a fabulous year.
Its full of new things, excitiment and so much hope.
and I'm feeling focused and refreshed, ready to tackle it one step at a time.

All I can say is....bring it on and let the writing begin!

What kind of goals have you set or what things do you hope to acheive in 2012 for you, your family and your children?

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